GROUP EXHIBITION ‘First Impressions’

We are all thrilled to finally share details of First Impressions with you all, a group show organized by some cheeky RCA Sculpture year 1 😋 🤸 🔥
🚨 PV 22nd June 6 – 9 pm 🚨
First Impressions is a group show exhibiting the work of forty-one sculpture and painting students of the Royal College of Art, who have completed their first year of their master’s degree under lockdown. 
If the works have lacked human interactions, the sculptors too have had to adapt to these new conditions, to collaborate and socialize while remaining at a distance – as we all have.
This show acts as the first encounter of the artists in a physical space, and the artworks function as the mediators of their “first impressions” of one another, beyond the screen. While the artists have not been able to collaborate directly for this show, their works are nonetheless bound by the shared experience of a lockdown – there are marks of a collective memory which lingers in the space between and within their works. 
Beautiful text by @lizaroseviolet @maslva
🚧 FIRST IMPRESSIONS 🚧Safehouse1 & Safehouse2 139 Copeland Rd, Peckham, London SE15 3SN – at @maverickprojects. From the 22 – 27th June.
👏Curated by @lizaroseviolet @maslva 
☝️Graphics by @camilleleflem 
👌Organized by @ladinaclement @sarrabadelstudio @maria.positano
👀Collaborations – Interviews & Events announced soon 🎉🎉 
Special thanks to everyone who was involved in the organization, including @kathrynmaguireartist and @crochetcookey and @joeddennis and @maverickprojects
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